As managing partner of the office I have been providing legal services for more than a decade for various international and domestic clientele including the government sector, and Hungarian SMSEs. I obtained my diploma at University of Szeged and qualified as Master of EU Law at Péter Pázmány Catholic University. Later I obtained an LLM and ILEC qualification at University of Cambridge which serves as the cornerstone of the office’s English practice.  I currently participate in the L.LM course of University of Boston (Transnational Commercial Parctice).

  I hold the philosophy that the only constant in life is change. Accordingly, the essence of being a legal advisor is to  guide our Clients through the changes in a world abundant of information. It  has never been more true that the art is to find the information which takes continous  learning and knowledge of the best business intelligence tools.

My  professional experiences cover the legal  aspects of some of the biggest Hungarian Motorway PPP/PFI projects, and each legal detail of their successful implementation. Before the establishment of my office I acted as the managing legal counsel of the SPVs of the M5 (Budapest-Szeged) and M6 Motorway Concession Company. I also worked for the Government Audit Office and for the European Commission in Brussels.

The workings of the local authority practice, EU funding schemes and permitting procedures proves to be inevitable for every project or business aspirations no matter how small or big they are, where connection points with the State sector are involved as the success of the above projects demonstrates.