Benefits of Hungarian Immigration

Often called the GATE TO EUROPE, Hungary’s location and mild climate offers its residents an active, varied and an affordable lifestyle. In addition, the post-secondary education has a reputation for impeccable quality, with Hungarian degrees widely accepted across the EU. Hungarian residents are allowed free-movement within the Schengen Zone. The costs of acquiring immigration residence permits are relatively low in Hungary and have a large number of benefits.


All foreign nationals who wish to remain in Hungary for longer than 90 days must submit an application for a residence permit. To do this, nationals of countries who normally require a visa to enter Hungary must go to a Hungarian consulate in their home country and submit an application for a visa specifically for the purpose of entry to receive a residence permit, as well as the residence permit application. The entry visa is good for 30 days.


First, as a „newcomer” to Hungary (also ther is a possibility for a fast track immigration with purchase of the State bonds which we also offer)  you can request a provisional residency permit to settle which is valid for a maximum of five years and can be renewed for a maximum of five years on each occasion.

You must request this provisional permit before the 90 days temporary visa expires with which you entered Hungary. In possession of the temporary residence permit you are granted an identification card and you may travel to an EU/EEC country for period up to 90 days.